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Does Your Teenager Have Acne? How You Can Help Them Combat It

If you remember being a teenager, then you probably remember how rough it could be. Not only did you have to juggle things like friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and school, but you also had to deal with a changing body. You may have struggled with acne growing up but did not feel like you got the help that you needed from your parents and dermatologist. If your teenager is struggling with acne, then make sure that you can do more for them than your parents did for you. Lend them a hand with these few tricks. 

Teach Them Good Face Hygiene

If your child is in a lot of sports where they sweat a lot, then all of that sweat and dirt may be contributing to their acne more than they know. While they may have been able to get away with never washing their face until now, all of that sweat and dirt is only clogging their pores. Teach them good face hygiene by getting them facial wipes to use after gym, practice, and games. Then, get them an acne-fighting face wash for them to use in the shower every morning and before bed every night. 

In addition to getting them face wash, make sure to get them a good moisturizer as well. Sometimes when acne-prone skin is too dry, it can cause the oil in it to overproduced, which can just lead to more acne. By using a pea-sized amount of facial cream after they wash their face every time, they can hopefully help to balance out that oil. 

Take Them to the Dermatologist

There is only so much that you can do for your teen's acne without the help of a dermatologist. Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist for them to look at your teen's acne, do any tests, and then get them on a better skin regimen. The type of acne that your child has will determine what kind of treatment your dermatologist recommends. If they have severe cystic acne, then your dermatologist may recommend some antibiotics and facial cream, whereas if their acne is more hormonal, then a topical skin cream may do the trick just fine. 

It is no secret that a teenager's self-confidence not only comes from within but from their appearance as well. To help them combat their acne and feel more confident in their skin, reach out to a dermatologist near you today.