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3 Signs It's Time to Have Your Moles Checked

Moles are a map of your very own body. They tell a story of your body, but you don't want them telling a story of anything negative, which is why you should see your dermatologist about those moles and have them checked. Not all moles are cancerous, which can make it difficult to know when it's time to have them checked. If you do have moles on your body and you question if they are healthy or not, you should definitely see a dermatologist to know for sure and to have them tested if necessary. If you aren't sure if you should go in for a mole check, read on for a few signs that would indicate that it's time.

1. The Shape Has Changed

If the shape of the mole has changed, such as it has ragged edges instead of a smooth circular edge like it once had, it could be an unhealthy sign and you should have your mole checked out and tested as needed. Moles can change shape with time, and it doesn't necessarily mean that it is cancerous, but if it has an irregular shape and has changed, it's best to have it checked to be sure.

2. The Color Has Changed

If the color of the mole has changed, such as it has changed from a brown color to a reddish color or has changed to a dark black color, it's another indicator that your mole has changed in some way and you should have it checked. It, again, doesn't necessarily mean you have cancer, but you should have it checked to rule it out.

3. It's Been a Year Since Your Moles Have Been Checked

If you've had your moles checked and you are not sure when you should have them checked again, you should go in if it's been over a year. During your appointment, your moles will be measured and photos will be taken to see if they have changed and in what ways. The best way to keep track of these changes and how much they have changed is to continue to go back in for mole checks and to stay on top of these changes. If there are major changes, your dermatologist may suggest further testing. 

If the moles on your body are changing in any way, be sure you go to your dermatologist for a mole check. They'll be able to answer any questions you have.