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Cut On Your Skin? How To Prevent An Infection

A skin infection can get very bad and end up with you in the hospital in need of surgery or worse, amputation. If you allow a cut to get infected, it is going to take special care in order for it to heal properly. If you aren't doing what you're supposed to be doing, you could end up in a worse situation. Read on for information to help you prevent a skin infection and how to heal your skin properly.

Keep It Clean

Keep your cut clean using soap and water. You can also use hydrogen peroxide on your cut to clean it out as well and to help ensure whatever is in the cut is cleaned out. Be gentle when cleaning a cut or a scrape so you don't further damage your skin and cause more problems or further pain for yourself. Clean your cut daily and throughout the day if your cut is exposed to outside elements.

Keep It Dry

Your cut needs to be kept dry in order to prevent infection or bacteria to fester in the wound. If your wound gets wet, keep it open so it can dry. Don't cover it with a bandage, allow the air to dry it out. After showering or washing the wound, you need to let it dry as well, or pat it dry with a clean towel.

Cover It To Prevent Reopening

To prevent a reopening of the wound or to prevent getting anything inside the cut, be sure to cover it with a bandage. When at home resting, you should keep it open so it can air out and stay dry. Change your bandage often with a clean bandage throughout the day to ensure it stays dry.

Use An Antiseptic Ointment

Apply an antiseptic ointment to help prevent infection to your wound and to promote faster healing. Apply a small amount of the ointment to the wound, but cease using it if it negatively affects your wound or worsens it in any way.

Allow It To Heal

If you continue to pick the scab covering the wound, you will end up reopening the wound again and again, not allowing it to heal properly. You need to keep the scab on it and don't pick at it, even if it itches or you just don't like the look of the scab. You'll end up with an infection if you keep opening it up, or you will also end up with a scar.

If you have a cut, even a minor one, it could end up with an infection if you don't allow it to heal and don't take care of it properly. If you have a skin infection, get to the dermatologist for treatment.