Visiting the Dermatologist: A Blog

Visiting the Dermatologist: A Blog

What Procedures Are Part Of Melanoma Cancer Treatment?

When it comes to skin cancer, all forms are dangerous. However, melanoma may be the most dangerous type of all. According to the Melanoma Research Alliance, melanoma is the most fatal type of skin cancer. Fortunately, early detection can help you get the treatment you need to make a full recovery. Self-examination will allow you to find any suspicious lesions to show

How To Treat A Skin Rash

Skin rashes can take many forms. Usually, they're red and itchy, although they might feature welts, sores, or hives as well. Rashes aren't usually dangerous, but they can be very uncomfortable. When you suffer from a rash, your first concern is probably going to be alleviating your discomfort. Here are four tips that will help you treat your skin rash: 1. Relocate to

4 Effective Prescription Treatments For Adult Acne

Many teenagers suffer from acne. Often, the hormone fluctuations caused by puberty are to blame, and many cases of teenage acne go away on their own without further intervention. Unfortunately, some people may see their acne persist until well into adulthood. If you suffer from acne, you know how uncomfortable the condition can be, both physically and mentally. Over t

3 Treatments For Skin Cancer

Some people are more predisposed to contracting skin cancer due to their complexion or genetics. However, anyone can develop skin cancer. You can take preventative measures to reduce your risk by staying out of the sun, especially during peak sunlight hours, and regularly applying sunscreen. Ideally, you should see a dermatologist for a checkup once a year. At this ch